Female waxing salon services & treatments

Kim Lawless trained

Female extreme / intimate waxing

Tanfastic offer several forms of intimate waxing that include:

Bikini wax

The hair just below the bikini line is removed and creates a sleek natural look.

Extended bikini wax

The hair just below and above the bikini line is removed.

Brazilian wax

All the hair is removed, front and back, leaving just a ‘landing strip’ at the front.

Hollywood wax

All the hair is removed, front, back and everything in between.


A Hollywood with bikini gems – all the rage! (Choice of designs. For fun only as they last a few days.)

At Tanfastic I use the very best quality hot wax products, Perron Rigot from Paris. Once applied, the hot wax shrink wraps the hair, then is briskly removed to leave beautiful smooth hair free skin.