Tips to make your Brazilian wax less painful

You don’t have to be particularly brave to have a Brazilian wax, as let’s face it, everyone does it now (well quite a few)! It’s not exactly fun but once finished, you’re hair and fuss free for weeks. Whether it’s your first time or you’re a long term waxer, knowing some tips on how to make your Brazilian wax appointment a bit more comfortable is always a bonus. Below are a few tips to help.

Avoid caffeine – stimulants in coffee can make your skin more sensitive so drink decaffeinated on your waxing day.

Exfoliate – using a body scrub a day or two before your wax ensures any dry and dead skin that can make it harder for the wax to shrink wrap the hairs is removed.

Numbing cream – I don’t personally think this is necessary but it’s an option for those that want to try it. It can be expensive. Using a numbing cream according to the manufacturers instructions can help dull the pain.

Don’t go when pre menstrual – your pain threshold is higher just before, during and after your period, so book your waxing appointment for a few days after your time of the month.

Take paracetamol – taking 2 paracetamol (and 2 ibuprofen too if you wish), one hour before your Brazilian waxing appointment can really make the whole experience a more comfortable one.

Have a warm bath – soak in a warm bath before your wax to open the pores.

Breathe and relax – make a conscious effort to breathe deeply and relax when the wax is being removed. Tensing up will make any pain worse.

Grow your hair to the correct length – if your hair is too short the wax won’t be able to shrink wrap the hair, and too long means it may need to be trimmed, it’s more painful if it’s too long too. Ideally your hair needs to be no shorter than a grain of rice.

Wear cotton underwear – wearing cotton underwear allows the area to breathe and not be irritated by man made fabrics.

Don’t shave – stop shaving at least three weeks prior to your wax as shaving can make the hair tougher.

Do not get waxed with sunburn – sunburn hurts enough on its own without hot wax being poured on and pulled off.

Hair removal – one size doesn’t fit all

So you need to make a decision on hair removal and are looking for the perfect solution. Confused? Anxious? Embarrassed? Worried? It’s important to find the perfect fit for YOU when researching the choices that are available. There is a vast choice of options when deciding what is the right hair removal treatment for you including waxing, shaving, laser, electrolysis, clippers, epilators, sugaring and threading. I’m not going to list the pros and cons of each technique, but I have an opinion on many of them.

The choices you make for your hair removal are totally personal to you. If you want to shave, that’s fine, you want to try laser? Sugaring? Waxing? Give me a call and I’ll get you booked in!

I can’t speak for anyone else in the waxing industry but I can vouch that the following is all true regarding Tanfastic:

Tanfastic offers all waxing services but specialises in Brazilian and Hollywood hot waxing.
I follow strict rules of hygiene which means NO DOUBLE DIPPING, a new spatula is used for each dip in the wax pot.
The wax is set at a regulated temperature so even though it may feel hot when first applied to the skin, it will never burn you.
Tanfastic operates by pre booked appointments only.
All client record cards are kept confidential.​​

What are the reasons not to get waxed?

Waxing is safe for the majority of people but anyone that can relate to any of the following should steer clear:

Diabetes – slow to heal

Epilepsy – risk of fitting

Reaction to skin sensitivity test


Contagious skin conditions

Hypersensitive skin

Scar tissue that is less then 6 months old


Client who is receiving electrolysis as waxing distorts the hair follicle

Client who is using acne or steroid cream on the area to be waxed or creams that contain Accutane because they thin the skin and can tear during waxing

A client who is under 16 year of age, unless parental consent is given

Is it safe to wax when pregnant?

Definitely! I have waxed many pregnant customers throughout their pregnancies.

During pregnancy hair may grow thicker than usual and waxing is always a much better option than shaving or depilatory creams. Several months into your pregnancy you won’t be able to see your lady bits anyway so expert help will be totally necessary!

Having a hair free nether region makes stitching easier and many clients come in for a Hollywood or Brazilian wax the day before a caesarean section or induction to eliminate the possibility of being shaved. As hormones are raging you may find pregnancy waxing a little more unconfortable than usual so I always allow a bit more time for your appointment to ensure maximum comfort.

Why winter is the best time to start waxing

So you’ve been waxing regularly throughout the summer so you’re always beach ready, whether it be legs, bikini or underarms. Come autumn the woolies come out and everything gets covered up so why bother waxing again until next year? You may be surprised to hear though that winter is the best time to wax your legs and any other areas you tend to neglect during those wet, cold months.

If you start a regular waxing routine now you’ll reap the benefits come next summer. It’s all down to the hair growth cycle.

The ultimate time to get waxed is during the first phase of the hair growth cycle (the Anagen phase). During this phase the hair is actively growing. The structures that surround the hair follicle that are responsible for hair growth are weakened when the hair is repeatedly removed from the full depth of the follicle on a regular basis.

During the final phase of hair growth (the Telogen phase), is the worst time to get a wax and the results won’t be as long lasting. The reason for this is that new anagen hair may be growing underneath the telogen hair and start showing within a few days of your appointment.

You need a regular waxing routine to get ultimate results and try and catch the hair in the anagen phase. If you get into the habit of waxing every 3 – 4 weeks during winter, all of your hair will eventually come through at once and once at that stage you can reduce your appointments to every 4 – 6 weeks because the results will be longer lasting.

A beginners guide to female intimate waxing – part 3


After your intimate bikini wax you will be red for 24 – 48 hours but shouldn’t be sore. Whilst red, avoid hot baths and showers (luke warm only), the sun, deodorant, heavily perfumed products, chlorinated swimming pools, jacuzzis, and saunas, and working out as these can all irritate the skin.

Will I get ingrown hairs?

Some people may get the odd ingrown hair caused by a hair growing back into the follicle. They can be unsightly with some irritation but can also become sore and infected.

How do I prevent ingrown hairs?

To help prevent ingrown hairs I recommend lightly exfoliating 2 – 3 times per week and then applying moisturizer. Don’t exfoliate too hard as this can cause them.

A beginners guide to female intimate waxing – part 2

What can I expect from my first intimate waxing appointment?

At your first waxing appointment you will be welcomed and made to feel at ease before being asked to fill out a short consultation form. I use Perron Rigot hot wax for bikini waxing and will explain why this is the best type of wax to use. I have eight years intimate waxing experience and will talk you through the process as we go. When finished, aftercare and maintenance advice will be given.

Can I leave my underwear on?

You can leave knickers on for a basic or extended bikini but for Hollywood and Brazilian waxes I require underwear to be removed.

What is the minimum age for intimate waxing?

You have to be 18 years old to have an intimate wax without parental consent but I will do it at 16 and 17 if a parent signs the consultation form and stays on site.

How painful is intimate waxing?

I use a very high quality wax so this makes the process as comfortable as it can be. What one person finds painful, another may sail through as we all feel pain differently. The first appointment will be the most uncomfortable but with regular waxing the hair will get finer and the treatment more comfortable. Try to avoid being waxed when you are pre menstrual or have your period as you can be more sensitive and don’t be fooled by salons that offer ‘painless waxing’ as there’s no such thing, after all, you are having hair pulled out! Customers come back again and again so it can’t be that bad!

How frequently will I need to have an intimate wax?

I recommend waxing sessions every 4 – 6 weeks if you want the hair growth to become finer.

Is it ok to shave between waxes?

NO!! I really wouldn’t recommend shaving in between waxing sessions as it makes the hair course. By doing this your hair will never become finer and sparser.

How long should my hair be?

Your hair ideally needs to be no shorter than a grain of rice if you want every hair removed.

How long does an intimate wax take?

For a Hollywood or Brazilian wax I allow 25 minutes for the first appointment and 20 minutes thereafter but often get it done in less.

What’s the difference between warm (strip) and hot wax?

Warm wax is used for large, less sensitive areas such as legs and backs. It is spread thinly over the area and removed removing paper strips.

Hot wax doesn’t stick to the skin like warm wax, it just shrink wraps the hair so is far more suited to sensitive areas such as the bikini, underarm and face. It is applied thicker than warm wax, left to set, and removed by hand. I would never recommend having a bikini wax with warm (strip) wax and would refuse if anyone asked me.

If you have any concerns or questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

A beginners guide to female intimate waxing – part 1

Female intimate waxing and spray tanning are my most popular treatments by a long shot and are the two treatments that I class as my speciality.

If you’ve never had a Brazilian wax before you may be feeling a bit anxious and want to know more about what’s involved, so welcome to my beginners guide.

Part 1 – shaping

There are four basic styles for bikini waxing: basic bikini, extended bikini, Brazilian and Hollywood (the last two being the most popular).

Basic bikini
A basic bikini wax involves the removal of the hair that grows beyond the knicker line at the front.

Extended bikini
Very similar to a basic bikini, an extended bikini wax also removes the hair just inside the knicker line leaving a strip starting at the front, over the labia and tapering in towards the bum cheeks.

A Brazilian wax removes the hair from every single area including the bum crack, buttocks, inner and outer labia and pubic triangle except for a rectangular landing strip at the front.

Like the Brazilian, a Hollywood wax removes the hair from every single area including the bum crack, buttocks, inner and outer labia and pubic triangle (no landing strip).

Part 2 next week!

Tips for finding a body waxing salon

Bad waxes are avoidable if you do your research and know what to look for. The following tips will ensure you’ll have the best possible hair removal experience.

1 Choose a skilled waxer that specialises

Most salons offer waxing but in my experience not all of them do it well. A good deal of salon therapists haven’t had specific training in Brazilian waxing and these should be avoided like the plague. A qualification in general waxing DOES NOT make you a skilled bikini waxer. A therapist that has had specific training and does it day in day out will use the correct wax, make you feel at ease and will be very thorough. You don’t spend your hard earned cash to come out of the salon still with patches of hair, sore and bleeding.

2 Only hot wax will do

Check that the waxing therapist ONLY uses hot wax on sensitive areas such as bikini, underarms and face. Some salons say they use hot wax but they actually mean strip wax – this is an absolute no no!! Hot wax is a thick wax that is applied with a disposable spatula, sets when cool and is then removed by hand. Strip wax is great for areas such as legs and backs but isn’t as kind to the skin. If they don’t use hot wax for bikini, Hollywood or Brazilian waxing then go elsewhere.

3 Check the salon is clean, tidy and hygienic and the couch has a clean sheet of couch roll on it. New disposable spatulas should be used for each customer and never double dipped.

4 Check out reviews on the therapists website and facebook page.

5 Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Asking questions is a good way to get to know your waxing therapist and gauge their level of knowledge and experience. Don’t be afraid to ask them how long they’ve been waxing and anything else that may put your mind at ease.

When do I know I need waxing treatment?

It’s important to get your waxing treatment done at the correct time – too soon and the hair will be too short and your therapist my not be able to remove all of it – too long and it will be more uncomfortable for you. After about 4 weeks check the length of your hair, it should be no shorter than a grain of rice. If it’s not quite there then wait another week or two.