5 reasons to have an LVL lash lift

If you’re looking to lengthen, volumise and lift your lashes, then LVL is the answer you’ve been searching for.

Here are five reasons why LVL Enhance is a must.

1: Fuss free

Your natural lashes and only your natural lashes, are lengthened, volumised and lifted and completely maintenance free.

2: Long lasting

LVL lashes last 6 – 8 maintenance free weeks.

3: Saves time

Wake up with perfect lashes every day and cut down the time it takes to get ready.

4: Mascara? That’s up to you!

LVL Enhance uses your natural lashes so you can still choose to wear mascara if you choose with no clumping.

5: Perfect for holidays

As you don’t need to wear mascara you can say cheerio to panda eyes whilst in the pool or while sunbathing.

When is the best time to have an LVL lash lift?

LVL (length, volume, lift), straightens your natural eyelashes at the root creating longer, volumised lifted lashes for 6 – 8 maintenance free weeks. The lashes are also given a tint to create a full on mascara look.

The results are immediate so as long as you’ve had a patch test you can have the treatment done as soon as 24 hours before your special occasion or holiday, or just because you want it every day because it looks so amazing!

Benefits of an LVL lash lift

This treatment gives AMAZING results.

LVL delivers instant results that last up to an incredible maintenance free 8 weeks, longer than eyelash extensions or perms. It enhances the natural lashes making them appear longer, more voluminous, and ultimately more glamorous. LVL is a gentle treatment that lifts from the roots in around 45 minutes and you’ll leave with a wide awake look that needs no mascara, absolutely perfect for holidays to those that exercise regularly!

What is an LVL lash lift?

Created by Nouveau Lashes, LVL stands for length-volume-lift.

It is a revolutionary natural lash treatment that straightens your eyelashes at the root, creating the effect of longer, lifted lashes. The effect lasts for a maintenance free 6-8 weeks, especially if you use the conditioning serum. The process takes 45-60 minutes and the results are immediate. The lashes are also tinted giving the effect of wearing mascara.


LVL lash lift has lift off!

LVL lash lift is going well and I’m so happy at how astounded my customers are at the results. It really is such an amazing treatment, and with zero maintenance!!

LVL lash lift

I can now announce that I’m offering a new treatment – LVL lash lift.

I must admit I was a bit sceptical when I went on the course but I’m AMAZED by the results.

LVL’s lash lift system is exactly what you’re looking for if you have straight, long, short, thick or thin lashes and want a permanent wide awake look or are left less than satisfied with semi permanent eyelash extensions. They are perfect for anyone that does a lot of sport and doesn’t want to keep re-applying mascara after every workout.

LVL delivers instant results that last longer than eyelash extension or eyelash perms. It enhances the natural lashes, making them appear longer, curlier, and ultimately more glamorous. Furthermore, this transformation lasts up to an incredible maintenance free 8 weeks.
It’s a gentle treatment that lifts from the roots and tints in around 45 minutes & you’ll leave with a wide awake look that needs no mascara!

Check out these before and after photos.

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