Introduction to waxing treatments

Waxing removes hair from the root resulting in a smooth, completely hair free area. The results are semi-permanent and last 4 – 6 weeks, much longer than shaving. When the hair starts to grow back there is no rough stubble as a new soft hair will grow through and most customers that wax regularly will eventually see a reduction in hair growth and thickness.

Hair can be removed from every area of the body including face, arms, underarms, back, chest, shoulders, legs and pubic (bikini) area. Bikini waxing is by far the most popular, and male and female Brazilian and Hollywood hot waxing is my speciality.

I ALWAYS use hot wax on sensitive areas including bikini, underarms and face as it’s much kinder to the skin and strip (warm) wax is used everywhere else.

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Exciting things ahead

Here at Tanfastic we’re introducing some exciting things to say ‘thank you’ for giving us your custom.

These will take the form of loyalty and referral schemes (so money off your waxing and spray tans), monthly offers and prize draws.

Watch this space or like the facebook page for instant notifications –

Colour correction

I recently had a call from a lady donning a rather impressive two week old black eye. She was going for dinner at the Chewton Glen that evening and was so embarrassed she didn’t want to go, hence the call to me. She wasn’t particularly hopeful that the bruise could be covered completely but anything was better than nothing.

People often think that darkness or pigmentation can just be covered by concealer and wonder why they can still see the imperfections. Concealer works generally on dark tired eyes but colour correction is needed to disguise pigmentation. Green corrects red, orange corrects blue and yellow corrects purple, so if you have purple shadows under your eyes use a yellow colour corrector before your foundation and concealer.

This lady was quite a challenge and I had to layer several colours to knock back the bruise (I used Inglot) and then Dermablend, as regular foundation didn’t have a full enough coverage on its own. She was over the moon with the results.

On a more serious note: this lady was on a night out in a pub with her husband and friend when a fight broke out between a group of men. When trying to make a swift exit she got in the way of a glass bottle in mid swing. If however you have suffered or are suffering with bruises caused by domestic violence, please do not disguise them to keep them secret. Please tell someone and seek help.


Well done Daisy

Well the £10 spray tan offer with Daisy went down a storm and she’s now charging full price with plenty of happy, repeat customers. This means that during very busy periods we can keep more customers bronzed and beautiful!

Tanfastic Wax Spray Tan Bournemouth Poole

Business award nominations

I feel very honoured to have been nominated for two business awards. The categories are Small Business Award and Customer Service Award.

The Small Business Award winner is decided by a panel of judges and the Customer Service Award is a public vote. I’m through to the next round of both but find out on 25th June if I’ve made it to the semi finals. Watch this space!


£10 spray tans!!

I have taken on another spray tan technician to help me through the busy summer months. She is fully qualified but needs to gain a bit more experience, therefore spray tans with Daisy are only £10 until 19th June (all discounted spray tans will be fully supervised by me and are salon based only, no mobile).

Must have holiday treatments

I’ve just got home from skiing in Bulgaria (very nice too), and before I went I had an LVL lash lift (upper lash tint included), lower lash and brow tint. I didn’t want to wear any make up on the slopes but still wanted to look like I had some on so these treatments were an absolute godsend. I would never normally go out without a scrap of make up on but I felt very confident in doing so as these treatments really accentuate the eyes. They’re a definite from now on for all my holidays.

LVL lash lift has lift off!

LVL lash lift is going well and I’m so happy at how astounded my customers are at the results. It really is such an amazing treatment, and with zero maintenance!!

LVL lash lift

I can now announce that I’m offering a new treatment – LVL lash lift.

I must admit I was a bit sceptical when I went on the course but I’m AMAZED by the results.

LVL’s lash lift system is exactly what you’re looking for if you have straight, long, short, thick or thin lashes and want a permanent wide awake look or are left less than satisfied with semi permanent eyelash extensions. They are perfect for anyone that does a lot of sport and doesn’t want to keep re-applying mascara after every workout.

LVL delivers instant results that last longer than eyelash extension or eyelash perms. It enhances the natural lashes, making them appear longer, curlier, and ultimately more glamorous. Furthermore, this transformation lasts up to an incredible maintenance free 8 weeks.
It’s a gentle treatment that lifts from the roots and tints in around 45 minutes & you’ll leave with a wide awake look that needs no mascara!

Check out these before and after photos.

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