What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a facial that removes dead skin and vellus hair to give you amazing clean glowing skin. The soft ‘peach fuzz’ that is removed grows back exactly the same, not coarse, unlike terminal hair (beards, moustaches etc.) If you have any terminal lip hair this will be waxed off as part of the treatment.

The treatment starts off with a double deep cleanse and tone, then a sterile blade used at a 45 degree angle removes the skin and hair, a Swedish enzyme peel can then be applied as an added extra if required, tone and moisturise. Your skin will never feel so clean as it does after this treatment. Products are absorbed better and make up glides on flawlessly.

The sun’s out and it’s February!!

I’ve just returned from the most amazing trip to South Africa. What with the beautiful weather, amazing scenery and unbelievable wildlife, I really wasn’t looking forward to coming home.

Look at the weather here though, it’s blinking glorious and it’s only February! The sun is such a great motivator to make you get up, get out and do things. I’m really on it this morning catching up on business admin and planning for the coming months and later will be going on a glorious beach walk with the dog.

Why a sunless tan is so good for you

I always dread October when the clocks change and the nights draw in. The days are shorter, there’s less sunlight, it’s cold and my mood starts to drop. I hate looking in the mirror and seeing a pale, ill looking face staring back at me and catching a glimpse of my lily white body, well that just sends me over the edge! 

I find having a light natural spray tan helps boost the way I feel. I doubt I’ll be getting my legs out until June but just because it’s winter and I’ve usually got three layers of clothes on, why stop tanning? Its mood boosting effects are incredible. Because I look better, I automatically feel better. The perfect antidote to these cold gloomy months.

Do I need to prepare my skin before my spray tan?

It is highly recommended that you shower and exfoliate before your spray tan. For best results do this the day before. Slip on a pair of exfoliating gloves and get as much rough, dead skin off as you can and moisturise thoroughly afterwards. Best not to moisturise on the day of your tan as it can act as a barrier to your skin.

How long will my spray tan last?
That all depends on your skin type and how you care for you spray tan. Some people’s last as long as 14 days but on average 5-10 days.

Do I need to make an appointment?
Yes, by email, text or calling.

How long will the process take?
Your first appointment will take a few minutes longer than subsequent ones as you’ll need to fill out a short client consultation form. The entire process from entering to leaving only takes 10-15 minutes.

What should I wear during the treatment?
That’s entirely up to you. Most people wear cotton knickers (as the tanning solution will wash out) and go topless but many will also wear a strapless bra if they feel more comfortable or go naked.

What should I wear afterwards?
You should wear loose comfortable clothing. If you pull on a pair of skinny jeans straight after you’ll likely ruin the end result.

What strength should I have?
You have the choice of light, medium, dark and extra dark. Once you have filled out your consultation card we will have a discussion about your skin type and I will recommend the shade I think you should go for. Ultimately though the decision is yours. If it’s your first tan I would suggest starting fairly light.

How long until I can shower?
For best results you should wait 6-10 hours before you shower.

How often should I get a spray tan?
If you want an all year tan then spray every 5-14 days as the spray tan fades.

Tips to make your Brazilian wax less painful

You don’t have to be particularly brave to have a Brazilian wax, as let’s face it, everyone does it now (well quite a few)! It’s not exactly fun but once finished, you’re hair and fuss free for weeks. Whether it’s your first time or you’re a long term waxer, knowing some tips on how to make your Brazilian wax appointment a bit more comfortable is always a bonus. Below are a few tips to help.

Avoid caffeine – stimulants in coffee can make your skin more sensitive so drink decaffeinated on your waxing day.

Exfoliate – using a body scrub a day or two before your wax ensures any dry and dead skin that can make it harder for the wax to shrink wrap the hairs is removed.

Numbing cream – I don’t personally think this is necessary but it’s an option for those that want to try it. It can be expensive. Using a numbing cream according to the manufacturers instructions can help dull the pain.

Don’t go when pre menstrual – your pain threshold is higher just before, during and after your period, so book your waxing appointment for a few days after your time of the month.

Take paracetamol – taking 2 paracetamol (and 2 ibuprofen too if you wish), one hour before your Brazilian waxing appointment can really make the whole experience a more comfortable one.

Have a warm bath – soak in a warm bath before your wax to open the pores.

Breathe and relax – make a conscious effort to breathe deeply and relax when the wax is being removed. Tensing up will make any pain worse.

Grow your hair to the correct length – if your hair is too short the wax won’t be able to shrink wrap the hair, and too long means it may need to be trimmed, it’s more painful if it’s too long too. Ideally your hair needs to be no shorter than a grain of rice.

Wear cotton underwear – wearing cotton underwear allows the area to breathe and not be irritated by man made fabrics.

Don’t shave – stop shaving at least three weeks prior to your wax as shaving can make the hair tougher.

Do not get waxed with sunburn – sunburn hurts enough on its own without hot wax being poured on and pulled off.

Hair removal – one size doesn’t fit all

So you need to make a decision on hair removal and are looking for the perfect solution. Confused? Anxious? Embarrassed? Worried? It’s important to find the perfect fit for YOU when researching the choices that are available. There is a vast choice of options when deciding what is the right hair removal treatment for you including waxing, shaving, laser, electrolysis, clippers, epilators, sugaring and threading. I’m not going to list the pros and cons of each technique, but I have an opinion on many of them.

The choices you make for your hair removal are totally personal to you. If you want to shave, that’s fine, you want to try laser? Sugaring? Waxing? Give me a call and I’ll get you booked in!

I can’t speak for anyone else in the waxing industry but I can vouch that the following is all true regarding Tanfastic:

Tanfastic offers all waxing services but specialises in Brazilian and Hollywood hot waxing.
I follow strict rules of hygiene which means NO DOUBLE DIPPING, a new spatula is used for each dip in the wax pot.
The wax is set at a regulated temperature so even though it may feel hot when first applied to the skin, it will never burn you.
Tanfastic operates by pre booked appointments only.
All client record cards are kept confidential.​​

Loyalty scheme

At Tanfastic we’ve been running our loyalty scheme since April and it’s proved to be a big hit. Many customers have already filled several cards.
Get your card marked at each appointment and then receive 25% off your sixth treatment.
(applicable on treatments of £20 and above)

Recommend a friend

At Tanfastic we’ve always had a recommend a friend scheme but it’s just got better!
Instead of £5 off for you after your friend has had 3 treatments, it’s now £5 off for both of you on your friend’s first treatment and you can recommend as many people as you want. On top of this amazing offer you’ll also be given a loyalty card for more money off.
Now you just need to start spreading the word!
(On treatments of £20 and above)

What are the reasons not to get waxed?

Waxing is safe for the majority of people but anyone that can relate to any of the following should steer clear:

Diabetes – slow to heal

Epilepsy – risk of fitting

Reaction to skin sensitivity test


Contagious skin conditions

Hypersensitive skin

Scar tissue that is less then 6 months old


Client who is receiving electrolysis as waxing distorts the hair follicle

Client who is using acne or steroid cream on the area to be waxed or creams that contain Accutane because they thin the skin and can tear during waxing

A client who is under 16 year of age, unless parental consent is given

How do I prepare for my spray tan?

Exfoliate and moisturise the day before. When exfoliating, pay particular attention to dry areas like elbows, knees and ankles.

Shave 24 hours before or get waxed 48 hours before.

Don’t moisturise on the day of your spray tan as this will act as a barrier.

If you need to shower, do it at least one hour before otherwise your skin can be too clean.

Remove make up, perfume, deodorant and jewellery.

Wear dark, loose clothing. The solution washes out of most clothing but may stain some nylon and silk.