When is the best time to get a mobile spray tan?

If you have an event to go to I’d advise getting your spray tan done a couple of days beforehand to allow it to settle nicely into the skin, although having one done the day before or even on the day if it’s an express solution is equally fine.

A spray tan takes 6-10 hours to develop so if you don’t want to sleep with it while it’s developing I’d advise getting it done earlier in the day so you can shower before bed. Going to bed while it’s still developing though isn’t a problem and won’t affect the outcome. Some brands transfer onto sheets but will wash out.

Why people use mobile spray tanning services

Spray tanning in your home may cost a fraction more than going to a salon but it has many advantages.

Not only do you not have to find and pay for parking, but if you’re anything like me, stepping outside the front door with no make up on and wearing your braless ‘comfy’ clothes fills you with horror. This is where mobile spray tanning is worth it’s weight in gold. When the treatment is over you can stick your dressing gown on or whatever you like and just relax knowing that Joe Public will not be catching a glimpse of you until you’ve developed into a gorgeous bronzed beauty!

Spray tanning, a great gift for Easter or Mother’s Day

With both Easter and Mother’s Day approaching why not buy your loved ones a spray tan? Not only will it not make them gain weight and break out in spots but it’s possibly something they wouldn’t think of buying themselves. Book one as a surprise or buy a gift voucher and help them feel fabulous!

Introduction to spray tanning

With the risks of tanning in the sun and on sunbeds being apparent, spray tanning is a safe and very effective way of getting a natural looking tan.

The key ingredient in spray tan solutions is dihydroxyacetone, or DHA, which derives from sugar beet. Solutions come in various shades from light to very dark and once applied to the skin, develop over a 6-10 hour period. They don’t protect the skin from the sun’s harmful rays so sun cream should still always be applied.

To get the best out of the treatment it is advisable to do some research and good skin preparation beforehand. Check the therapist’s credentials, ask how long they’ve been doing spray tanning and don’t be afraid to ask if they are qualified and insured (stay well clear if not). A professional will also tell you how to prepare for the spray tan and how to maintain it afterwards.

If you find the right professional your tan will look natural and totally amazing, if you don’t then you could end up orange, blotchy and very fake looking. BEWARE – from talking to my customers I’ve concluded that there are plenty of bad spray tan therapists out there (quite worrying really).